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Members’ Remarks About Lend a Hand

“LAH has been a great way to meet some of the most amazing people. Itís shown me there are always people out there who can use our help and has helped me appreciate everything and everyone I have.”

Alex Nguyen

“Lend A Hand is like a family because I spend more time with it then I do with my own parents.”

Viet Nguyen

“LAH is like my second family. We practice together, we work together and weíre always there for each other. When we think that thereís no one here for us, we can always turn to our LAH Family. LAH doesnít only save lives, it help gives a second chance to life.”

Tan Ngu

“Lend A Hand is a great experience. I love volunteering knowing that we are really making a difference for someone’s life. Practice, performing, and just spending time are all fun with all the Lend A Hand Members. Lend A Hand is like a big family that care about one another while having fun and making a difference. LAH is amazing.”

Harrison Wang

“Lend A Hand is the best group ever. I actually have a good time doing things and going places with LAH. You donít have to be at certain place or time to have fun. You can make anything fun, anywhere, anytime. Iím proud to be a part of this group and I would do basically anything for anyone in Lend A Hand.”

Minh Nguyen

“Lend A Hand is one of the best youth organization out there that provides students with many volunteer opportunities at no charge ñ that is there is no membership fee (unlike many other clubs.) LAH is more than just an organization that provides service to the society, itís a family composed of people with similar interest, ranging from helping those in need to crazy partying. I went to a LAH family party about a month ago and it was fantastic, even though I got ìpwnedî hehe. We ate, we talked, we laughed, we even attempted to make campfires. Good times.”

Huyen Tran

“Lend A Hand stands out because not only is it operated entirely by high school and college students but it also focuses on academic endeavors of future medical students. Iím extremely proud to be a part of Lend A Hand, because itís such an amazing experience with an amazing group of people that have become like a second family to me. Not only is being a member of Lend A Hand fun, but it is rewarding as well because being able to make a difference is one of the best feelings in the world.”

Mai Nguyen

“Lend A Hand has been one of the greatest things that has happened to me. The organization has become like a second family to me. Not only that, but with the group, Iíve been able to make a difference in this world at a young age.”
Dat Nguyen
“Lend A Hand is in a way like a fraternity and sorority. Weíre a group of people that have come together for a purpose ñ volunteering to raise money to help kids in Vietnam who desperately need it. But even more than that, weíre all close like a family. We know to be serious when doing work but we also know how to have fun, such as occasional parties where we all just chill and go bonkers =D. Lend A hand has traits similar to fraternity and sorority, but instead of having a sisterhood or brotherhood, we have more of a familyhood!”

Crystal Duong

“Lend A Hand is the best club/organization! It has been very fun and spectacular to perform for this family-like-club. Made so much friends and had plentiful of fun, and more to come. =)”

Richard Lam

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