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Duc Dinh


  1. Full name: Duc Trong Dinh
  2. Date of birth: December 23
  3. Officer position: Founder
  4. Career goal: World Renown Cardiovascular Surgeon & C.E.O. of a major hospital
  5. Current academic status: Senior at UH.
  6. Major: Biology with a minor in Chemistry
    DeBakey Graduate, Joint Admission Medical Program Student
  7. School: University of Houston
  8. Favorite quote: “We must never forget our origin… for it is our roots, that makes us
    who we are today…” ~ Duc T. Dinh
  9. Why are you in LAH VYO, Inc.: I was born and raise in Thu Duc, Vietnam until I was With the memories of my friends coming to school without flip flops or adequate school supplies, I was determined to do something about this. Established four years ago with a goal to help impoverished Vietnamese children with education and medical necessities in Vietnam. LAHVYO was also established in the belief of establishing a network between
    graduate, college and high school students. The network is expected to be able to assist the younger students in their road to academic success. Today, Lend A Hand is considered to be among the most respected group in the Vietnamese community from a philanthropic viewpoint as well as academic and leadership. LAH has given out over 1,000 scholarships, between the ranges of grade school to medical school students, in different areas of South Vietnam. We have helped countless families all over South Vietnam. In addition, LAH also sponsored 100% for the cost of two heart surgeries to save two young lives. LAH has been featured on BBC News from the UK, SBTN-TV, and many other news leaders.
  10. How long have you been in LAH VYO, Inc.: I am the founder of this organization.
  11. Awards & Achievements:
    1. HOSA Area and HOSA State winner multiple years
    2. Volunteer Service Awards from different organizations/company
    3. Frontier Fiesta
    4. JAMP Summer II Rice University Baylor College of Medicine
    5. Honors Pre-Medical Academy (Rice University – Baylor College of Medicine)
    6. JAMP – Joint Admission Medical Program 8 years program recipient
    7. VANG – Vietnamese American National Gala 2007 Golden Torch Award
    8. Featured on numerous newspapers around the nation and other countries
      as well as radio stations, and television for high accomplishments.
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