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Preceptorship in Health Opportuntity (PHO)

When: June – August

Where: Greater Houston Medical Buildings

Contact Officer: Phu Tran

Lend a Hand, in collaboration with the Vietnamese American Medical Association-Greater Houston, would like to offer a great opportunity for those interested in a career in Medicine. We are going to begin a preceptorship program in which you are under the mentorship of a Vietnamese-American physician and will have the opportunity to shadow the physician and learn about their specialty first hand. Please take a look at the list of specialties that we are offering (attached) and read the requirements carefully to make sure that you understand what is expected of you.


The purpose of this preceptorship program is to allow participants to observe and learn about medicine firsthand under the mentorship of a physician from the Vietnamese American Medical Association of Greater Houston (VAMA-GH). This preceptorship program is primarily geared towards those who wish to have a career in the medical profession and will allow its participants a rare look into the daily activities of a medical specialty.


v To learn about the daily activities and responsibilities of clinical physicians

v To ask questions and gain knowledge about the preceptors’ specialties

v To develop a strong relationship with a medical professional

Requirements for participants:

v Meet with their preceptor according to a personalized weekly schedule that is agreeable to preceptor and participant

v Submit a weekly case report on the most interesting case that week; keep a daily journal

v Act professionally, be on time, alert, and enthusiastic as participants will be in a professional setting observing medical practices

v Dress in a professional and appropriate manner during preceptorship hours

v Submit a Preceptor biography at the end of the program

v Attend a mandatory orientation before the start of the program

Remember, the chance to shadow a physician and develop a good relationship with that physician is important to consider. Not only will you have the potential to have a great recommendation letter for college or medical school, but you also get a glimpse of what being a physician is all about. If you are interested to be apart of this program, please email Phu Tran and CC Kesia Nguyen with the heading “LAH/VAMA PHO.” List your name, email address, cell (preferable) or home phone number, AND your top 3 specialties that you would like to preceptor in. We will do our best to match you with your choice, but there are no guarantees. The deadline to apply is by Sunday, June 8th at 9pm. No exceptions.

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